Podcasts from our team

Sometimes you Gotta Say “NO”

Many of us find our lives overcrowded with commitments and activities, often good things, that crowd out things that are of even greater value.  This week we’ll study the three temptations Jesus faced at the beginning of His public ministry, and how by saying “No”, He fulfilled His Divinely ordained purpose and enjoyed intimate communion with the Father in heaven.

Chased by Grace

Let’s spend 15 minutes talking about what it means to receive unmerited favor and kindness from God, and…how we are to share that same grace with those around us.

Life Hacks

As we continue to live in uncertain days (aren’t they all?!), many are finding themselves held captive by fear, or even anger.  In Revelation 1 John writes about being set free by Christ, and thus being called a “Kingdom of Priests.”  This podcast features the two images, prisoner and priest, discusses the mindset of both, and asks which we will be during the great virus of 2020.  Once this has passed, each of us will have a story to tell…will we tell of being a prisoner or a priest?