Sunday Morning Programs

We welcome children ages 3 through 6th grade to join in spiritual formation opportunities at 9:15 am and during 10:30 am Worship.

Our children’s worship space is ‘open’ to them any time beginning 9:15 am on Sundays where they can actively explore their spiritual life, expand their understanding of Christ’s mission and engage in ‘God’s work’ in community.

Parents, whether attending adult education sessions at 9:15 am or if you wish to arrive early for 10:30 Worship, you are welcome to bring your children to their worship space to provide some transition and preparation time for them at any time prior to 10:30 Worship; or you may wish spend a few minutes getting ready for Worship together with them in our Gathering and Contemplation space. We will bring all children to the main Sanctuary at 10:25 to rejoin their families. After Time with Families children are welcome to remain in the service, or they may continue with Worship in their sacred space through Circle Gathering, Story, Creative Response to the Word, and Closing Benediction. Our guides will escort them upstairs after Time with Families where you may pick them up when the service is over when you’ve had a few minutes to fellowship with your friends!

We want parents to know that children are welcome in Worship at any service, but we would invite all children to be in the 10:30 Worship service for Communion Sundays (always on the first of the month) and, of course, for special Sunday celebrations like Easter. Part of our ministry objectives with spiritual formation is to prepare children for Worship and educate them about the various aspects of the service in our faith tradition. We want to make sure this is reinforced both in their experience in children’s Worship time, as well as through regular engagement with the whole faith community in Worship throughout the year. Don’t worry…we will announce special Sundays and provide information ahead of each Sunday! Make sure you register for our weekly enews!